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Staff and Volunteers

CommonWell Institute International is pleased to keep our administrative costs at a minimum while providing services as a priority.

We have three key staff members who work at either pro bono or partial fees.

Elise Collins Shields, Co-Founder and CEO

Elise serves as the Executive Officer for CommonWell International with responsibilities for governance, compliance, fundraising, outreach, grant funding and all other organizational matters. 

Her background of launching both for profit and non-profit organizations has informed the work of CommonWell Institute International. She feels that this is the culmination of her life work as it provides the nexus for organizational start up and growth, non-profit governance and development background, peace building and cross cultural communications work.

Sultana Parvanta, Co-Founder and In-Country Project Partner

Sultana’s long history with Afghanistan, coupled with her extensive knowledge of consultancy and and educational endeavors, has created a perfect team approach to the delivery of services on the ground in country.  Sultana’s concerted commitment to the people and to the rebuilding of Afghanistan is coupled with her generous heart and desire for better lives for those in need.

Sultana continues to work tirelessly to identify projects that are in critical need of support and facilitate the action on the ground that makes the work of CommonWell International both direct and effective. 

Eve M. Hady, Administrator

Eve brings to CommonWell International a long history of high level administrative support, having served as Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Michigan State Senate where she was responsible for ongoing daily operations of five departments. Eve moved to Tucson and took a position as Assistant to the President at Aurora Foundation, Inc., where she orchestrated and oversaw functions from research, advocacy and accounting.

She has also served as a test administrator and support to the director of local hospice care center.

Eve is truly a global citizen with a great heart and love for all people.


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