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Project Guidelines

In order to ensure that CommonWell International continues on our path of mission and purpose, the following established criteria will guide evaluation of potential projects we support.  As outlined in our Project Criteria we concentrate on countries and initiatives that meet the following:

  • Will be located in conflict or post-conflict areas, regardless of formal designation by the international community as a “war zone”
  • Country or region of focus will fall in the bottom 1/2 of the Global Peace Index scale as designated by the Institute for Economics and Peace
  • Initiative will provide for the enhancement of education, economic security and stability of women, and through them, children, to include both leadership and skills training
  • Project must have identifiable on-the-ground supervision for distribution and use of resources committed
  • CommonWell Intl should be able to measure results of our efforts through an achievable and affordable metric, possibly through the collaboration with partners
  • Areas of focus must allow some method of communication and accountability from the ground effort to the project director and ultimately to organizational funders
  • CommonWell Intl intends to ensure a non-duplication of effort through evaluation of similarity of other projects to those proposed
  • Should some organization already be doing a like initiative and doing it well, CommonWell Intl will support the standing initiative and receive accountability reports
  • Initiative must be conducive to the potential to bring education and international awareness of the issues being addressed
  • All initiatives must, at some level,  promote peaceful and safe environments for populations receiving assistance